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Partnering for digital success – inspiring electrical contractors to work in new ways

Natalie Block

Technological disruption is transforming nearly every industry at unprecedented speed and scale, and electrical contracting businesses are certainly no exception. Evolving technologies and emerging capabilities – from mobile connectivity and real-time data, through smart industrial sensors, (IIoT) and digitization are revolutionizing the fundamentals for all electrical industry players. Many experts refer to this trend as Electricity 4.0, to emphasize how deeply transformative it is. Combine shifting age demographics with fluctuating commercial conditions and increasing customer expectations, and there’s little doubt that many electrical contractors are looking for new strategies to operate and expand their businesses.

Partnering for growth is a smart business decision

Even though connectivity and the digital revolution have moved the competitive goalposts for so many contractors, it also offers unprecedented opportunities to make their businesses more efficient, responsive, and customer-centric. Even as clients demand increasingly personalized products and services, delivered ever more quickly and efficiently, smart digital technology can help contractors deliver that and more. Staying competitive in our evolving industry and even preparing for the next wave of transformation can be as straightforward as collaborating with the right industry partner.

The new age of electrical distribution is already here

Since there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to help electrical contractors achieve their business goals, the philosophy Schneider Electric believes will best help our partners unlock maximum value from their offerings is underpinned by the three core principles of:

  1. Simplification – to help contractors more easily increase connectivity, while leveraging future-ready innovations that make it easier to boost sustainability.

  2. Openness – that ensures open partner ecosystems, interoperable architectures, and ready availability of local experts with a global reach.

  3. Digitization – to foster digital intelligence that makes operations more resilient, ensures an end-to-end software cycle, and makes it easier to embrace the future.

As the entire energy industry moves inexorably towards mass electrification and digitization, it’s clear that embracing smart, targeted digital solutions will be a key component in helping our partners adapt to a more technological future.

Customized solutions – endless opportunities to add value

Electrical contractor jobs come in all shapes and sizes, and the customer base and markets they serve are just as varied, but something many have in common is a desire to move beyond the transactional “install and go” model, and offer higher-demand services that increase margins, build client loyalty and generate recurring business. Schneider Electric helps contractors attain these goals, amongst many, through our EcoXpert partner program. With leading expertise in delivering digital solutions and services for building automation and energy management, our program represents a cross-expertise ecosystem of solution providers and prioritizes equipping affiliates with up-to-date digital literacy skills and cutting-edge efficiency tools.

With organizations increasingly appreciating that advanced power management solutions play a vital role in their efficiency and operational continuity strategies, it’s never been more important for contractors to obtain the know-how they need to help their customers reduce risk and improve resilience. The EcoXpert program offers numerous opportunities for partners to expand the value of their solutions and service offerings. Whether they’re focused on equipment like smart panels and metering, or all-in-one technology solutions such as energy management, building optimization, or cloud-based efficiency systems, contractors certified under the program are uniquely positioned to understand and resolve the criticalities their customers are facing. Benefits extend well beyond training and include a broad range of marketing and priority support aids aimed at helping EcoXperts grow and expand their businesses and domains of applications.

Beneficial relationships never become obsolete

A high-performance partnership delivers what contractors need to efficiently assemble and produce solutions to grow their business. As the innovation cycle accelerates and the commercial environment grows more complex, it’s more important than ever to collaborate with organizations that understand that digital transformation is as much about investing in people as in technology. Download our white paper to further learn how new digitally-connected solution can power more resilient operations for your business.

To learn more about what our partnership can offer, visit our dedicated electrical contractor program website. Looking for a local panel builder? Click here

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