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How SF6 Alternatives and Digital Technologies Combine to Empower Electricity Decarbonization and Efficiency by Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

With our air MV switchgear technology, you no longer must choose between the environment, functionality and performance.

  1. No change in operations: GMAirSet is identical to previous airsets, but just better. On the ground      operations are no longer affected.

  2. Pure air replacement: GMAirSet uses pure air as a replacement for SF6 gas. No toxic by-product. No personnel safety fears for operational handling. No on-site gas handling.

  3. Cost & Time conscious: The switching compartment is filled and sealed in the factory. Busbars are easily accessible and connected. Changing cubicles on site is easy. One cubicle can be replaced without affecting the adjacent cubicles. Extending a switchboard is a simple matter of adding a cubicle and connecting the bus bars.

GM AirSeT is a new generation of MV switchgear by Schneider Electric — innovative and sustainable. Using pure air and vacuum technology to eliminate the use of SF₆, GM AirSeT helps you meet your emissions goals without compromising the performance provided by older technology.

SF 6 (sulfur hexafluoride) has been a staple in energy distribution for decades due to its excellent dielectric and thermal properties. However, it is also a potent greenhouse gas and faces increasing regulatory pressure.

Pure air is the ultimate answer to growing sustainability needs. Not only is air carbon-neutral, but it also ensures your equipment will always follow any future environmental regulations. By harnessing the power of pure air, this technology is not just a more sustainable solution, but also offers a lifetime of up to 40 years* on average. Eliminating SF 6 also means there's no need for gas capturing or recycling at end of life.

A smooth transition to SF6-free

GM AirSeT helps make the move to SF6-free switchgear as fluid as possible. At every step, our innovative technology makes installation and operation more efficient. Every facility’s needs are different, so your GM AirSeT switchgear is custom-configured and optimized for your specific circumstances. Whether you have limited floorspace, prefer minimal hassle during installation, or need reliability in harsh environments, its innovative design helps make upgrading easythe time is right for you.

Schneider Electric has reported successful pilot projects of its new SF6-free medium voltage switchgear at numerous electric utilities, including GreenAlp in France (serving 100,000 customers in Grenoble!), EEC Engie in New Caledonia and E.ON in Sweden.

“SF6-free switchgear is identical to the previous version. At the technical level, there is no change. These new units have the same size and connection as the existing equipment, so there is no change in operation for our teams.” — Dominique Roecker, Purchasing Manager of the Energy Division at EEC Engie

Digitise your substation with future-ready solutions

We offer a broad range of MV solutions to improve safety, efficiency, and reliability. EcoStruxure connectivity enables MV switchgear, ring main units, and MV transformers to communicate essential data 24/7.

This communication is essential - our embedded sensors help you monitor equipment health, identify issues more easily, and take early preventive action.

It's time for Singapore to catch up.

With viable, proven alternatives out there, there’s no reason not to move towards safer, more sustainable switchgear technologies.

If you would like to see our implementations first-hand, we will have an open booth available for all visitors at the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) event in October.

Register here to visit us on the 26th and 27th of October 2022 at Singapore International Energy Week!

Check out our key products:

1. SF6-Free GM AirSeT

Green Innovation for Sustainable Future

2. EcoStruxure Transformer Expert

Optimize transformer life -assess, track and forecast insulation state

3. EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor and Operation

An AI-based application suite to orchestrate Distributed Energy Resource at scale and in real-time, both in EMS and PMS.

4. ETAP Digital Twin Platform

Electrical Digital Twin to Enable Fast & Accurate Integration of Renewables in the New Energy Landscape.

5. EVlink Pro AC

Smart and Robust Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for residential, commercial and industrial properties (indoors or outdoors).

6. EcoStruxure Resource Advisor

Enterprise energy and sustainability data that enables companies to measure, manage and accelerate sustainability journey.

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