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5 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Businesses: A Constructive Approach to Net Zero by Schneider Electric

Atin Chhabra

Currently, we are combating the third wave of coronavirus, a virus that broke out in March 2020 and led to a global pandemic. Even though this pandemic has brought severe deterioration across different fronts like employment, finances, healthcare etc., it has also given people time to think, reflect, and introspect over the ways humans have been operating and functioning in our society.

Since most countries adopted the capitalistic structure, businesses started making profits by tactfully ‘creating’ needs within people. In simple words, they sold their goods and products while generating gains and a massive amount of revenue.

However, recently, people have had the time to pause and think about things that actually matter, like climate change, climate action plans, sustainability, global warming and more. On the economic front, this paradigmatic shift in the minds of the people has also led to the growth of new, innovative and eco-friendly businesses and business ideas. In this article, we will be be highlighting some of the many eco-friendly business ideas that are paving the way for a sustainable [1], greener, and healthier future:

A Glimpse into 5 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas

1. Sustainable Raw Material for Construction

In order to construct any building, be it domestic, industrial, or commercial, it is imperative to invest in top-quality raw materials that ensure that the building is well-built, strong, and reliable. Now that greener alternatives are available in almost every sphere of life, pursuing a business in providing sustainable and recycled raw materials carries the potential to generate massive amounts of revenue. This will not only yield profits but will also ensure that resources are optimally utilized before getting dumped.

For instance, companies can come up with equipment and technologies that use waste material to construct public transport systems like pilings and ties. In other terms, instead of using non-sustainable materials like concrete and steel, companies can build tracks from recycled plastic and other industrial waste.

2. Start an Eco-Friendly Business with Green Financing

People will adopt an idea or a principle only if they thoroughly understand it. Even though the government, social workers, non-profits organizations, and NGOs continually propagate the need for a sustainable way of living, it is still not enough to create an impact that brings about change. This is exactly where green finance is one of the best eco-friendly business ideas to invest in.

In layperson terms, green financing refers to the process of increasing the levels of financial flows from the non-profit, private, and public sectors to sustainable and eco-friendly development priorities. So, green finance lends support to community-level and local projects by emphasizing ecologically friendly and sustainable agriculture.

In addition, green finance also attempts to accelerate social profitability by providing educational opportunities and funding artistic endeavors that support and promote local ecology.

3. Collaborate Eco-Friendly Business with Beauty Sector

The growth of the beauty and dermatology sector has been on the rise for the last couple of years. People spend a huge amount of money in grooming themselves, which automatically elevates the need for beauty parlours, spa’s, resorts, and other such facilities.

Today, researchers and experts have developed several types of equipment that can bring together different natural components to produce products that are natural, eco-friendly, and organic. Hence, one of the most widely employed eco-friendly business ideas is to combine cosmetology with sustainable ideas that give way to all-natural and vegan shampoos, face masks, conditioners, hair treatments and more.

4. Make Way for Eco-Consulting

As mentioned above, several industries and business owners are stepping up and understanding their responsibility towards the health of the planet. On the other hand, our world can operate in a much healthier way if businesses have access to the right facilities and services that extend the right guidance on how to contribute towards a net-zero future. So, what do we mean by eco-consulting?

Nowadays, people from every section of society are making efforts to learn more about how they can help achieve sustainability goals in their own small ways but still do not carry comprehensive knowledge about all the options available to them. Environmental consulting or eco-consulting can be referred to as compliance consulting in which the client receives adequate and expert knowledge on how they can maintain their profit and growth within the environmental regulations.

5. Mix Eco-Friendly Business Ideas with Housekeeping Services

We are so used to equipment that we use while doing our daily chores that we tend to overlook all the better alternatives that are available before us. Being an entrepreneur or a business owner, you can invest in a novel eco-friendly business idea by producing green solutions for housekeeping services like dusting, washing, cleaning, and more. Further, you can also extend your business by charging a fixed amount of price per hour.

Go Green with Schneider Electric

At Schneider Electric, we have taken consistent efforts to build a team of innovative, visionary, and futuristic minds. We aim to develop highly-efficient and reliable electrical solutions that offer excellent operational excellence with top-notch results and accelerated productivity levels.

Since the core of our culture, business, and purpose is to build a sustainable and inclusive world, we build various products, software, and services that will contribute to making the net-zero future a reality. Recently, on 4th December 2021, we were recognized with the German Sustainability Award in the category of climate transformation [2].

This and many other awards and accolades that we have won over the years are a testament to our consistent efforts, diligence, and hard work. The Green Sustainability Award acknowledges organizations that lead with example in one of the many transformational fields like biodiversity, climate, supply chain, or resources. In addition, Schneider Electric’s circularity practices were also appreciated and applauded, highlighting the wholesome approach that we take towards building a sustainable future.

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